Subject Re: IB_Grid Columns
Author jeffplata
Hi Ervin,

The TIB_Grid component has a GridLinks property. You can enumerate
here the five fields you wish to display in the grid, one on each line
(Gridlinks is a StringList, i think). The basic sytax is simply
[<mytablename>.]<columnname>, but you can use the complete syntax
which is myfield=WIDTH=45;ALIGN=C to specify width and alignment. I
hope this is what you're looking for.


--- In, "ervin_sarok" <ervin@p...> wrote:
> Is there a way to set the number fo column to be displayed with the
> TIB_Grid component (like TDBGrid Columns property)? I have a query
> with 10 fields but I want to display only 5 in the grid, the other
> ones I needed for other purposes.
> Thanks,
> Ervin