Subject Re: [IBO] Cursor unknown error in TIB_Script
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:26 PM 10/08/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I run my script in a loop (I have 20 tables) where I substitute TABLE
>with various names. One customer complains that he always gets the
>error with 12. table. The error is: SQL Error -504, "Cursor unknown".

This exception occurs when the application has a handle on a database
cursor (a pointer to a set that is output by a SELECT statement or is
defined by an update or delete statement) and the handle becomes
invalid. The handle will be invalid once the cursor has reached EOF; or
it may be invalid because code is referring to a cursor that never existed
because an exception occurred when the application first tried to get the

>Nobody else has complined, it works perfectly in my computer (also
>with customers database). We both use FB 1.03 installed into local
>TIB_Script (IBO 4.2Hc):
>drop trigger LOG_<<TABLE>>_AD;
>drop trigger LOG_<<TABLE>>_AI;
>drop trigger LOG_<<TABLE>>_AU;

The statements here appear to have nothing to do with cursors. Are you
sure that user has the correct interbase.msg file? Even if the server has
the correct file, does the client have a wrong version of the file in its
application path?

Can't suggest anything as a cure. It appears to be a total "non sequitur".