Subject Re: IBO versus Progdigy UIB in terms of speed
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Robert!

I know absolutely nothing about UIB, but I can have a guess:

IBO loads a lot of information about the database, and if the database
design is complex whereas the actual query to execute is simple, then
it shouldn't be too difficult to find a component that executes faster
than IBO. Try a simple 'select <PK> from <table> where <PK> = <value>'
on a complex database (hundreds of tables, domains, constraints,
stored procedures etc.), and you may get UIB to conquer IBO
performance wise.


--- In, "robert_p_levy" wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a quick question.
> IBO far exceeds Progdigy's UIB components as anyone who has seen the
> UIB components knows. However the one claim to fame I have read
> about was that UIB is faster (one post said UIB was 100 percent
> faster).
> Well I have been unable to replicate these claims. My experiments
> show UIB as being as much as 500 percent SLOWER than IBO, when
> using the two kinds of objects to fetch the same labor intensive
> query.
> Has anyone else found UIB to be alot slower than IBO or is there
> something I'm missing here?
> Rob