Subject Re: Transaction pausing
Author jeffplata

Thanks for your quick replies. It seems this activity requires a
little footwork (fingerwork). I will look at it again this evening and
hope to make it work.

> I am guessing that someone tried to replace the explicit timer
> on the main form (TransactionTimer) with the existing
> TIB_Session timer. See the trControlledSessionTimer
> procedure which appears to be a replacement for the old
> CheckTransactions procedure. (I seem to remember that the
> session timer was something introduced after I did the
> pausing changes). However the trControlledSessionTimer
> procedure needs to be hooked up to the IB_Session.OnSessionTimer
> event (it seems to have become disconnected).


> As you can see it all starts to get a bit messy and really should
> be redone. IMO the pause feature is worth having and understanding.

Yes, it is worth understanding. There are several instances where
pausing will be of much help.

Thanks again.