Subject Re: [IBO] Problem when I use CachedUpdate
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:35 AM 1/08/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi everybody,
> I have a problem, when I use CachedUpdate, these my example:
>I have 2 TIBOQuery, and one of these is marked to CachedUpdate := True;
>Well... when I insert onde record in my cached query, is ok, but I want to
>cancel, and I put these code:

Use CancelUpdates to cancel updates in a cache. Cancel doesn't do anything
to cached updates. So what is really happening here is that your cache is
still "live", with updates waiting to be posted to the database using


You don't need to close the query, unless that's what you want to do.

>TbItens is my CachedUpdate IBOQuery, but when I click in my New Record
>Button, with command TbItens.Open, my records inserted last is coming..

CancelUpdates will remove any rows that were inserted, as long as those
cached changes were not posted by calling ApplyUpdates. ApplyUpdates
causes the cached changes to be posted.

>I wait that I have obtained to explain right, There is extra
>configuration for cachedUpdates?

If you want to use CachedUpdates, you need to read the Borland helpfile
about them. It's not a very natural thing to use with a transaction-driven
database system. IBO provides support for it, but it certainly is not an
IBO feature. With IBO you can have the same effect as cached updates by
making Autocommit false and controlling the transaction yourself - with the
added benefit that your work remains responsive to other happenings in the