Subject Re: [IBO] Problem to migrate IBX to IBO!
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:21 AM 28/07/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Thanks for answer Helen,
>But, I want to change all component IBX to IBO, but when I open the Form,
>with contained IBX Component, the error appears, and the form isn't create,
>and I don't now how to change the component...
>The only method is I create a new Form? with new component IBO?

You don't need a new form, but you will need to replace the IBX components
- their object declarations, any IBX-only methods and properties used, and
all of the corresponding definitions in the DFM file. Make sure you remove
dbtables and the IBX references from the uses clauses, both in the unit
header and in the implementation section.

Do you know how to edit the DFM file manually? If not, you had better work
with the objects directly on the form. It is slower, but safer. In each
case, you can use a temporary name for your IBOQuery, until you have
captured the properties you want; then delete the IBDataset and rename
your IBOQuery to the name formerly used for the IBDataset.

As for event handlers, just comment them out until you have your IBOQuery
set up and the IBDataset is gone. Then modify the handlers until
everything works.