Subject Re: [IBO] Problem to migrate IBX to IBO!
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:13 AM 28/07/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hello, I'm here again.. :-)
>I have a problem to migrate my system with IBX to IBO, when I put the
>TIBODatabase with TIBOTransaction in my aplication, when I open a Form
>with I use TIBDataset the errors appears...
>Error creating form: Access violation ate address 4005701 in module
>'rtl70.bpl'. Read address C08B0A6A.

TIBDataset is not compatible with TIBODatabase. Replace your TIBDatasets
with TIBOQueries. You must replace all traces of the IBX components.

You should also understand that IBO's connection model is not the same as
IBX's. A TIBODatabase has an embedded transaction, like the VCL's
TDatabase. It might be simpler, initially, if you avoid the
TIBOTransaction and refer all of your transaction "business" to this
embedded default transaction. A TIBOTransaction becomes useful when you
want to operate with multiple transactions.

With an IBX-to-IBO conversion, it isn't possible to do a "straight swap" of
components as one does with a VCL-to-IBO conversion. IBX has a lot of
special workarounds for architectural issues that simply don't arise in
IBO. Study the properties and methods of TIBODatabase and TIBOQuery, to
work out the modifications you need to do.

Tip: make good use of the green "Hierarchy" button in the IBO help file,
to lead you quickly to the documentation for the ancestor classes.