Subject Re: [IBO] FindKey not working anymore?
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:14 PM 27/07/2005 +0000, Nick wrote:
>We are using the TIBOTable components within Delphi 7 Pro and the
>Table.FindKey statements which used to work great all of a sudden have
>stopped functioning.

First, describe what you changed between what used to work and what now
doesn't work.

>The use of a FindKey doesn't return an error,
>but it doesn't actually find the correct record either. Every time I
>use it I set Table.Active:=False then
>Table.IndexFieldNames:='FieldList' then Table.Active:=True before I
>use it so I'm not sure what else to try.

Drop an IB_MonitorDialog onto your form or datamodule and provide a button
to start it. Then capture the statements that are passed (1) when you
reactivate the dataset and (2) when you call FindKey.

>I know the SQL dialect is
>set to 3 (for the Date/Time handling) don't know if that makes a

Assuming 'FieldList' is the name of a date or time column, it might make a
difference if you are using a Dialect 3 client with a Dialect 1
database. Need more info.

>Please help! My program is falling apart! Thanks!

Provide more info - version of IBO, database server version, version of
client library and, ESPECIALLY, some history to try to account for the
change of behaviour. What was the total environment when this code worked
and how has the total environment changed ?