Subject Re: [IBO] How I now the Transaction is Active?
Author Dmitry Beloshistov
Hello, Helen!
You wrote to <> on Wed, 27 Jul 2005 09:47:00 +1000:

>> Hello, I migrate my system with IBX to IBO, and I have I problem, in
>> IBX I use:
>> if Transcation1.Active then

>> How I do in IBO?

HB> There are two tests:

HB> To test whether the transaction is started"

HB> if Transaction1.Started then....

HB> To test whether the transaction is started and is holding
HB> uncommitted DML work:

HB> if Transaction1.TransactionIsActive then...

And can check TIB_Transaction.InTransaction (property indicates whether an
explicit logical transaction is in progress) too.

WBR,Dmitry Beloshistov AKA [-=BDS=-]