Subject Re: [IBO] Scrip executing error
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:49 PM 22/07/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
> I have a small problem: I'm using IBObjects(4.5)
>with Delphi5 and FireBird. I have a script (which updates the metadat
>of a database) which I can
>execute from IB_Expert with no problems, but from my
>code using TIB_Script it gives me the error:
>"conversion error from string BLOB". I receive this
>error even if I try to execute a simple script, like
>"alter table XY add field YZ;"
>"commit work;"
>does anyone had such problems with IBO?

It looks as though you are getting wrong messages for your bad syntax, e.g.
"alter table XY add field YZ;" is not valid DDL. This would indicate that
you have pieces of old IB or Firebird installations around and the
application is getting messages from the wrong message file. If so, it's
also possible that the application is loading the wrong client, as well.

Provide more information:

1) What version of Firebird you are using
2) What version of the client library is being loaded by your
application. (If you haven't changed anything in IBO, this will be
"gds32.dll" in your systemdir.)

Check these versions on the property sheets of the actual files.

3) Paste the *actual* statements AND capture both the statement that causes
the exception and the 9-digit error code that is returned for that exception.

4) Use a TIB_MonitorDialog in your application, so that you can see (and
accurately report) what is happening during execution of the script.