Subject Re: [IBO] Backup failure with TIBOBackupService
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:10 PM 22/07/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I'm still having this problem and need help so I'm re-posting. The
>client is running Super Server locally on his machine. I'm not
>getting the error on my development machine. Does anyone know what
>Code 335544792 is?

Exactly as reported below.

>I have an application on a client's machine that is getting the
>following error when trying to use TIBOBackupService component.
>Error: 10000 - 07/21/2005 15:05:39
>Backup Failed, Code 335544792
>Error Backing Up Database
>Cannot attach to services manager
>I'm not getting this error on my development machine so I can't trace
>it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is the customer site using remote terminal services? If so, use the full
TCP/IP or Named Pipes network path to enable the embedded gbak call to find
the services manager.

If not, then consider the possibility that they need to run instreg.exe to
install (or correct) the root path entry. It shouldn't be necessary with
Firebird 1.5 but maybe they are running Fb 1.0, or have fiddled about with
settings using the Control Panel applet.