Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup Doesn't work properly
Author Jose Ostos
That sample only shows a lookup directly to a key (not a description) and
the employee table is not in a grid. If the employee table was in a grid,
the tepartment name would not be displayed in the grid which is the case in
point. This sample only demonstrates the absolute bare minimum. Can't there
be a more practical sample?

I have supplied plenty of information, sample code, database and screen
shots and still I have not had a solution to the problem. Am I nuts?


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> Jose Ostos wrote:
>> the only one having problems setting up this component. It would be wise
>> if
>> a CLEAR EXAMPLE was available which would also save a lot of your time
>> (an
>> Jason's) by avoiding a lot of questions from ignorants like myself. I am
> \Samples\LookupCombo was what I used originally. I have to admit I am
> having trouble getting it to compile with Builder5/IBO45 but it's
> running on my IBO4 setup, and the Borland seems to have screwed the
> IBO45 one yet again :(
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