Subject Re: [IBO] Preventing "Dataset is currently fetching" exception
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:15 AM 15/07/2005 +0200, Daniel Albuschat wrote:
>Hello there,
> I sometimes have the problem that the mentioned exception is
>thrown when opening a Query.
>I'd like to prevent this where applicable.
>Thus I'd like to implement/override a Open function that, if it is fetching,
>waits till it is done and then executes the original Open.
>Now I've found no way to "Wait" for the fetching to be completed.
>Is there any callback that is called after fetching?
>Then, I could work out a simple and effective solution with WinAPI Events.

It is much simpler than that. Just intercept the error inside a retry loop
and have the dataset silently wait until there is eventually a retry that
does not throw the error.

If it is practicable, you might also consider restricting the size of the
dataset to be fetched by parameterising and providing selectors or input
fields for your users. Refreshing a SELECT * on a big set frequently is
going to cause this kind of error - or delays, if you solve this by
catching the error in a retry loop.