Subject Re: [IBO] Checkmark in a IB_Grid
Author Antti Kurenniemi
Unfortunately I'm not familiar at all with the IBO code at this point so I
don't think I can help. But I can do testing with whatever solutions are

Antti Kurenniemi

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Checkmark in a IB_Grid

> Apparently this is a recent bug introduced in IBO. It probably wouldn't
> be
> too hard to fix but these were changes that were donated so I'm not as
> familiar with them as I'd like. Anyone feel brave enough to give it a
> whirl?
> Jason Wharton
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>> I found out the "problem", it's the Windows XP Manifest. I
>> made a sample app
>> with the tutorial database (added a field ACCEPTED as
>> SMALLINT), and without
>> the XP manifest it works like a champ (with the same settings in
>> ColumnAttributes and FieldsReadOnly), but if I drop the XP
>> manifest on the
>> tutorial form, then there will be only empty squares drawn in
>> the place
>> where the tick mark should be.
>> Can we do anything about that, apart from not using the XP
>> manifest? I can
>> send the modified tutorial app to you if you want, just tell
>> me where to
>> send it.
>> Antti Kurenniemi