Subject RE: [IBO] Checkmark in a IB_Grid
Author Jason Wharton
Apparently this is a recent bug introduced in IBO. It probably wouldn't be
too hard to fix but these were changes that were donated so I'm not as
familiar with them as I'd like. Anyone feel brave enough to give it a

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Checkmark in a IB_Grid
> I found out the "problem", it's the Windows XP Manifest. I
> made a sample app
> with the tutorial database (added a field ACCEPTED as
> SMALLINT), and without
> the XP manifest it works like a champ (with the same settings in
> ColumnAttributes and FieldsReadOnly), but if I drop the XP
> manifest on the
> tutorial form, then there will be only empty squares drawn in
> the place
> where the tick mark should be.
> Can we do anything about that, apart from not using the XP
> manifest? I can
> send the modified tutorial app to you if you want, just tell
> me where to
> send it.
> Antti Kurenniemi