Subject Re: [IBO] IB_lookupcombo: I'm missing someething.
Author Carl Zmola

Thanks for all of you help getting my double quoted table names
straightend out. I recreated my database and things seem to be working
much better.

I still am having trouble with the IB_lookupCombo in a grid.

Everything seems to be working fine ... except:

When I go into the lookup combo, it defaults to an empty string (not the
value I expect it to be linked to), and when the dropdown appears, it
shows the whole row of the lookup table.

Query1 and Datasource1 are the main table that has the following fields
ID, CATEGORY, MYSTUFF (where mystuff is the subqueried field based on
the foreign key CATEGORY)

Query2 and Datasource2 are the lookuptable with fields

The TIB_LOOKUPCOMBO has a datasource = IB_Datasource2.
When I click in the dropdown, I get both fields LOOKUPNAME,lookupv in
the drop down,

bob 1
ralph 2

but nothing is in the editable portion of the dropdown by default (it
does not look like it is hooked to category).

When I click on an element in the dropdown, category does not change.

If I change the numeric category field by hand, the change will take,
but the combobox is not refreshed.

Thanks again.