Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Treeview, how do I use it.
Author Carl Zmola
I have dug into the treeview control a little and it seems like it still
needs a little help. I am wondering if anyone is using it.

With this said, I am trying to figure out if I sould invest more time
on this control or wrap up a new one from scratch. Since someone might
be using it as it stands, I will probably just start from scratch and
fill a treeview as I need it. If you would like a simple demo of how
the existing treeview works, I can provide a limited demo.

I can get the component to work well as a data selector, and it can
insert nodes, but copying and moving nodes seems to baffle me.

Also, it is not observing changes from the dataset.
What is the correct way to register callbacks with the IB_QUERY
(Bdataset?) so the treeview control can keep itself updated when records
are added, deleted, or updated.


Jason Wharton wrote:

> Thank you SOOO much!
> Jason Wharton
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> > I will be cleaning up part of this and make a sample program
> > for myself.
> >
> > I will share whatever I come up with.
> >
> > Jason Wharton wrote:
> >
> > > This was a user contributed piece of code so I'm not as
> > familiar with
> > > it as
> > > the other control I have written. I think it is in an
> > incomplete state or
> > > at lease it may need some polish work done to be more user friendly.
> > > Perhaps that is something you could look into providing?