Subject RE: [IBO] IBOQuery component
Author Alan McDonald
> Although I would like to make use of the "BLANK IS NULL" but if I
> check it and do a Change, the blank field is not set to Null.

I think this is reading not assigning

> Other question about the GeneratorLinks property of the IBODatabase:
> It seems a trigger is not needed if one set the value of the property
> to:
> Table1.ID=<name of generator>

True in theory, in practice you will still need to have a trigger test for
null, then assign an incremented gen value if so. otherwise if your code
forgets to assign or someone does not use IBO, they will get a PK violation

> Is it also normal for the generator to increment with one even if the
> transaction is cancelled (Click on the DBNavigation's Insert and then
> on Cancel).

yes - generatora are outside transaction control they never come back once
you increment them or (heaven forbid) reset them.

> Nols Smit