Subject RE: [IBO] define fields to be displayed in a IB_grid
Author Alan McDonald
> On a form I have an ib_query with "select a,b,c,d,e from table".
> Five IB_Edit fields are displaying the table content.
> I also placed an ib_grid on the form, linked to the same query.
> But on this query I'd like to display only two fields 'a' and 'b'.
> Is there a way to do that?
> Or is only the query defining the fields, field-sequence and field-
> appearance hown in the ib_grid?
> Regards
> Gunther

double click on the IB_Query component and you get all the settigns you want
there. It's done at the query level first. Some override is available at the
grid level but you should get all you need at teh query