Subject Re: How to store a SET into Firebird with IBO?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Gunther!

--- In, Gunther Nau wrote:
> I have three differents SETs in my Delphi application, I'd like to
> store in a Firebird Table

What do the sets contain?

> 1.) What datatype is appropriate to store it?
> 2.) What do you recommend for converting the SET into the Firebird
> compatible datatype?

Well, maybe you could use a table with each item of the set like:

PK SetNo Item
1 1 Cod
2 1 Trout
3 1 Mackerel
4 2 Seal
5 2 Dolphin
6 3 Dove
7 3 Seagull
8 3 Hawk
9 3 Owl

And then another table:

SetNo SetName
1 Fish
2 Sea mammals
3 Birds

Or am I completely off track in understanding what you mean by set?

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