Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Treeview, how do I use it.
Author Carl Zmola
Answering some of my own question: (for the archives)

Carl Zmola wrote:

> The tib treeview seems a little strange to me. I am looking for a
> treeview that will display a hierarchy for a table with an (ID,
> PARENTID, TITLE). This appears to be what the TIB_TREEVIEW should do,
> but:
> 1) I am forced to call loaddata to actually load it.
> 2) loadData can not be called twice.
> 3) if LoadData is called twice, it appears to leak the 'data' pointer
> associated with the node.
> Is there a good example for this control?
I have a simple table:

1 0 Root
2 1 child1
3 1 abraham

and set the IB_TREEVIEW1 properties

Field_Data :='title';
Field_Key := 'id'; // is stored in a the data pointer of the TTReeNode.
Field_Master := 'ParentId'; // create the link to parent node;
Field_selection:= ????; // not used if selectEnabled is false???

I then can call the LoadData property and get a treeview like I expect.

At least this gives me enough to get started. What else does this
componet do?