Subject Re: How to copy one table from one database to another, then drop table in originating database.
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
this is a Firebird or InterBase question and should be asked at
firebird-support (at) and not on this list. Yesterday,
someone there asked a similar question, and Ivan Prenosil gave the
most elegant solution:

Very few people know how to use QLI nowadays, but that is the only way
to transfer from one database to another in one step that I've heard
of (short of selecting and then inserting, which QLI may do in the
background for all I know).


--- In, "Adrian Wreyford" wrote:
> I have to upgrade a clients databases for a software upgrade.
> Database1 has tableA in it which must be copied to database2
> TableA and all its data must be copied.
> The generator for table a also needs to be copied.
> Both the TableA and GeneratorA for database1 must then be dropped.
> Can I do this using DSQL, or what do you suggest the easiest way.
> Can you please supply an example
> Thanks
> Adrian