Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup Doesn't work properly
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:29 AM 5/07/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for your response.
>I Tried exactly what you suggested (used a subquery on the PROVART table,
>changed the KeyDescLinks, and specified widths on the lookup table) for the
>sake of testing, but the result is still the same.
>I am using the JOIN instead of the subquery because I need to be able to
>sort de PROVART data grid by the description with the ability to do an
>incremental search on it. The PROVART table is indeed an editable set since
>I am using UpdateSql statements and the RequestLive=True property. I have
>verified that I can edit, insert and delete records without problems.

That is not the issue. The set is not updatable at all. You have made it
behave that way because of your xxxSQL additions. The logic problem with
the join is that, as soon as you cause the join key to change, that record
in the set ceases to exist. That's why you are seeing what you see.

If you want the same data to support ad hoc search as well as a static
lookup, you could try using both the join AND the subquery; but don't make
the joined field a virtual field, and don't trying to use the joined field
for your KeyDescLinks. Use the joined field for the search and the
subqueried one for the KDL.

As I'm sick at the moment, I have no energy to revisit the logic myself,
but others are most welcome.

>As for the lookup grid, I have set the width of the data fields AND the grid
>itself and I still have the problem. The strange thing is that it ONLY
>happens the FIRST time I open the lookup grid, after that, it works without
>any problems.

OK, I can't explain that and I can't reproduce it (IBO 4.5B, Delphi 7,
Win2K). Perhaps others can throw some light on it if you provide details
of your environment.

>If it helps, I can upload or send you the screen images so that you can see
>exactly what is happening.

No thanks. The description is adequate.