Subject RE: [IBO] IB_LookupCombo sorting case insensitive
Author Jason Wharton
IBO has mechanisms to automatically substitute in the dummy uppercase column
where necessary to accomplish this for you. It's not clumbsy in that this
is the only way to do it with index support on the server. There should be
a TI on doing this.

Jason Wharton

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> Thanks for your reply, Helen.
> Basically, I want the IB_LookupCombo drop-down list to be in case
> insensitive order (otherwise the search doesn't work properly). I
> changed my query's Order By clause to Order By Upper(FieldName) but
> obviously IBO replaces it with it's own standard Order By FieldName.
> You have effectively answered my query in that I now understand that
> you have to use a dummy upper case column. This seems a bit messy
> especially when you want to be able to order by/search multiple
> columns.
> I was hoping that there was a simple way to specify that the order
> was to be case insensitive.
> Is there a way to manually configure a IB_LookupCombo/IB_Query to be
> able to correctly search a mixed case drop-down list?
> Regards
> Bob