Subject RE: Field.AsInt64 (was Re: [IBO] How to get the record id that was just stored with a query)
Author Alan McDonald
> At 01:32 AM 1/07/2005 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi Helen,
> >
> > > By the
> > > way, avoid AsInt64. Use AsInteger.
> >
> >Why?
> I don't know the exact reason, I only know that it can cause overflow
> problems when applied to Firebird's BigInt and IB's Int_64 (or whatever
> they eventually called NUMERIC(18,0)). In a list somewhere, I saw that
> Delphi introduced Int64 to support MSSQL and Oracle huge integers, which
> have extended ranges of precision...
> It's probably OK to use it for casting, provided you don't try to perform
> scale-raising calculations with those numbers. No doubt if Geoff
> sees this
> thread he will have more to say about it...
> Helen

The only problem I have encountered is that there is no equivalent for
Params. Jason has said that it's fine to use .AsString when assigning Int64
values to Params since IBO does the conversion internally anyway. But Int64
should match exactly BigInt on FB - they are both 64bit integers.
Surely a windows client sending a 2 word value will not get reversed when
received on a MAC???