Subject RE: [IBO] Lock Conflict Problem
Author Jason Wharton
Triggers always fire in conjunction with the insert, update or delete and to
my knowledge there are no triggers that fire upon commit. However, the
changes invoked by the triggers are subject to the transaction.

Jason Wharton

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> Calin Pirtea wrote:
> >>From: Lester Caine
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> >>Again, the trick is to keep to a minimum the information that is
> >>modified. The triggers are not fired until a commit is made, so
> >>everything should be stable, and nothing should lock because
> >>the commit
> >>happens quickly. The problem comes when you start trying to scan
> >>multiple records which other users may also be accessing ...
> >
> > Lester, I think you meant the trigger is not fired until
> the record is
> > inserted or updated, and if AutoCommit is on then the
> commit will happen as soon
> > as the insert/update succeeds.
> Yes and No - If autocommit is on, then Yes the insert and commit will
> happen at the same time, but if it is off - as it should be -
> then the
> trigger will not fire until the current transaction is commited.
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