Subject RE: [IBO] Lock Conflict Problem
Author Metin Gönen
> I'm not sure we have got your sequence right here.
> Changes to Table B result in the need to update the count and average
> for a particular record in Table A?
> So Table A ideally needs fields for Total and Count (Avr = total/count)
> and the trigger on Table B just adds to or decreases the Total and
> Count as required?
> After updating Table B, we need a refresh to update any display based on
> Table A.
> At the moment I can't see why you need to be 'locking' Table A except to
> write the update. So the problem may be that you need updates to TableA
> in a different transaction to TableB.
> What am I missing here?

I will write another example to show what the trouble is

I have Table A =>fields
I have table B =>fields (

I relate these two tables with the stock_id fields.

What I was doing is when I add a new record to Table B
The TableB_after_insert_trigger fires and sums all the records in
tableB=> sum(selling_price*totalprice) as TotalPrice , sum(amount_of_sold)
as totalsold
and update Table A=> fields=>average_sellingprice with totalprice/totalsold
total_out with amount of sold

while the trigger tries to sum all the records in TableB a Lock Conflict
This is the main problem.

If I only want to get the total amount of sold then your suggestion of
inc/decr will be ok.
But I need the average selling price so I have to look at all the recors.
While I am looking all the records I also
sum the ins/outs also.

Now ; Is there a way to write average_selling prices gathered from tableB to
somewhere when I update/insert a record in TableB ?

Metin Gonen

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