Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Query: problem with no Quotations in Insert Statements
Author Andreas Hesse
Lester Caine wrote:
> Andreas Hesse wrote:
>>I have a table with a reserved keyword as field name (year).
>>The table was created with quotations in the create table statement
>>The Select statement work: select * from crosstest
>>But the generated Insert statement throws an exception:
>>ISC Fehlermeldung:
>>Dynamic SQL Error
>>SQL error code = -104
>>Token unknown - line 4, char 3
>>I look for a property to use quotation, but didn't find any.
>>The automatic insert statement look like this:
>>-> exception
>>should look like:
>>-> will work
>>If it is not a feature of IB, then this is a feature request.
> Nothing to do with IBO!
> In order to use YEAR as a field it has to be defined as "YEAR" in
> Firebird. Every tool then has to use the "YEAR" format to access it.

IBO create this insert statement automically.
I would like to have a switch to tell ibo to use quotations for field
names in the insert/edit/delete statement.
That would do the trick.