Subject Re: [IBO] Lock Conflict Problem
Author Metin Gönen
> However, why try to store these averages at all? You can create a
> read-only view that contains the calculated value as a COMPUTED BY
> field. If nobody is updating that average, then everybody can read that
> view and see the latest average in his own transaction context.
> Helen

Thank you Helen. I dig your book and try to find some examples about the
computed columns. But those examples are not the ones that I need.

Let's say there are more than 1 000 000 records in table B and I created a
view like this
" Select cola,colb,colc, (select sum(cola) , sum(colb) from tableB ) as
colsuma,colsumb from
tableA " will it work fast ?
is this syntax correct ? if not can you give me an example ?

I tried another way ; put an IBSql component on the form and use it to get
the averages ( Master detail related) . It is working very fast but this
time I can't see these results on the same grid ( in one line )

Also I have another question about autocommit on transactions. If the
autocommit is false and also the server autocommit is false then
how will be the server's behavior about the triggers when added a new
record to the table. From my tests the trigger fires whatever the
autocommit is. If I prepare a transaction with autocommit to false I am
expecting the triggers to fire after I commit the transaction. Am I thinking

wrong ?

Metin Gonen

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