Subject Re: [IBO] It doesn't find IBODataset in the computer
Author Lucas Franzen

Flavio Vieira de Macedo schrieb:
> I noticed that the problem is just that in the made conversion by GReplace
> the component DBTables is replaced by IBODataset and my Delphi 5 doesn't
> find this DCU. I already removed and I installed the component for several
> times and the mistake persists.

Yes, as soon as you have an IBOQuery on your form, Delphi automatically
adds the units <Db, IBODataset> to your (interface) uses clause; so
that's no mistake.

> Had I been that have some problem with my
> components package? The mistake that of the is just that in the compilation
> doesn't find IBODataset.DCU.

Did you uninstall IBO and reinstall it as recommended?

You definitely have to have IBODataset.dcu in your uses clause and thus
it has to exist in the IBO path!

If you don't have you didn't there was something wrong with the