Subject Re: [IBO] sorry to bother, I am just a beginner in using IB Objects
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:07 AM 19/06/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>can anyone help me by sending a small example using
>Ib_StoredProcedure?. I have some troubles when I try
>to execute a procedure with external parameters. I
>receive the following error: "Field IDF not
>found"...where IDF is a variable declared in
>procedure's body.
>Please, help, and excuse me because I am asking such a
>fullish thing.

IBO returns database engine errors to the client. If your stored procedure
is returning this error, then it indicates that there is a run-time error
in your stored procedure code. IBO has no knowledge of any variables
declared inside a stored procedure; nor, indeed, does it know anything
about the SP except the number, order and data types of its input and
return arguments.

IBO will throw this error (or one that seems similar) itself if you try to
pass values to parameters that do not exist as params.. IBO parameters
must correspond to the SP's input arguments, although the names of the
parameters do not have to be the same as the names specified in the SP's

So - you will need to give us more information. For help with a stored
procedure that returns exceptions at run-time, use the firebird-support list.