Subject Re: [IBO] Difference between MasterLinks Parameter and normal Parameter?
Author Andreas Hesse
Alan McDonald wrote:
>>>How can I differ between a normal Parameter of a Query
>>>(defined in SQL
>>>property) and an automatic Parameter defined for example with
>>>I searched the help file and didn't find an answer.
>>You make use of the MasterParamLinks property that allows you to link a
>>parameter value to the value in another query referenced via MasterSource.
>>Jason Wharton
> I think he would like to combine mastersource fields with a secondary query
> not referenced in mastersource
> Alan

I want to find out the source for a param:


The Sql is: select * from employee where Dep_ID = :My_Filter_Dep
MasterSource is set to: DsLand
MasterLinks are set to: Land=Land

So I get 2 Params after Preparing.

Now I want to know the source of the param:
1) Source is SQL -> Show some information about it
2) Source is MasterLinks -> internal parameter, don't show information

The only way I see now is the parametername. Internal parameters have
special names.

Any other ways?