Subject RE: [IBO] PessimisticLocking Question
Author Daniel R. Jimenez
> Don't use PessimisticLocking myself. If I need to lock records, a 'last
> modified' field gets updated, and that tells other users that the record
> is 'busy' and who it is busy with ( -ve user_id = editing, +ve user_id =
> last changed by )
> I'm tied up with the Firebird AGM and other stuff at the moment - if
> your demo is running on the example databases just zip up a copy and
> I'll have a look at it as I don't have time to 'roll my own' ;)
> --
> Lester Caine
> -----------------------------
> L.S.Caine Electronic Services

Hi Lester,

Unfortunately my demo does not use the "Survey Demo" DB or Code at all. It
is a very simple demo. The DB is composed of single table (two fields, 3
triggers), plus the required DML_Cache table.

The app is a single form with two grids; each grid has a IB_Query and

If you have the time I would be more that happy to send it to you.

Once more thank you