Subject Re: [IBO] Missing Event after SQL has changed
Author Andreas Hesse
Lester Caine wrote:
> Andreas Hesse wrote:
>>I want to re-prepare the Query after the SQL has changed
>>(for FastReport Designer Native support).
> Are you looking at FastReport 2 or 3?
> Just asking because FastReport3 is certainly not as 'IBO native'
> friendly as 2 was, and I'm trying to establish some ground rules on
> changing an IBO/FB2 app to IBO/FB3

It is for FastReport 3.
A lot of thinks work right now, but I have problems if the dataset is
unprepared (because of invalid sql) and than changing the sql.

For FastReport it is necessary to update the Data tab, if the SQL (and
normally the fields) has changed.

Here the features of IB Objects native support in FastReport 3:

Query Support:
- MasterSource (Master)
- MasterLinks
- Params (with Param Editor for FR Expressions)
(-Connection (only basic support))

Please tell me if you miss something.