Subject Re: [IBO] Missing palettes when installing into delphi 6 enterprise
Author Mark Pickersgill
Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 11:17 PM 26/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>>I cannot seem to install the ib objects successfully. I am missing
>>palettes and cannot compile the samples.
>>I downloaded ib objects today and installed it for Delphi 6 Enterprise
>>After installation, I have 4 tabs on the toolbar. (iboCore, iboAccess,
>>iboTools, & iboInternet)
>>I am missing all the other ones
>>What am I doing wrong?
>>I see pieces of solutions in other posts, but cannot seem to find the
>>This is the install zip I downloaded ""
>Please, could you drop an ib_connection onto a form and read the Version
>property? and report this back to the list? (I'm trying to determine
>whether the fix for this problem that Jason did for IBO v.4.5B somehow
>didn't make it into the evaluation kit...)
I've recently downloaded the 4.5B evaluation kit and under Delphi 5
Enterprise it does not compile and install one or two of the dpk files.
I had to manually open and install them.
The one I'm sure I had to manually do was: IBO40VDT_D5.dpk

I could successfully compile this package manually, however.
The zlib.pas and zlib.dcu files are in the IBO folder (not IBO\D5).

Let me know if you also want the IBO40VDT_D5.dpk and IBO40VRT_D5.dpk