Subject Re: [IBO] MasterParamLinks?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:05 PM 26/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Delphi 7.0, FB 1.5
>I have two IBO_Queries.

Do you mean IBOQueries or IB_Queries? <--- ANSWER THIS

>One gets the items sold to a customer for a
>date range and the other gets the total of these sales amounts for
>the same range.
>I get the user input for the customer number, begin and end dates
>with and IB_Edit and two IB_DateTimePickers with their ParamName set.
>The SQL is like this
>Select.... from Table where Custnum = :Custnum and Date_Invoice
>between :Begin and :End
>Select Sum(TOTAL) from Table where Custnum = :Custnum and
>Date_Invoice between :Begin and :End
>I have the edit and datetimepickers feeding one table with no
>problem, but I would like it to supply the parameters to BOTH tables.
>I thought I could do this with the MasterParamLinks in the TOTAL
>table, but it will only relate a field in the LIST table to a param
>in the TOTAL table.
>Is there some way to feed these same params into two tables at once?

You seem to have the master-detail relationship upside-down. Surely, one
total (aggregated) record refers to many details, right?

Also, don't use keywords as parameter names!!

Nil out the Mastersource and MasterParamLinks in the TOTAL set and apply
them to the LIST set instead.

In the LIST set, Mastersource should be the datasource that points to the
TOTAL set. MasterParamLinks should be

The data-aware DateTimePickers should be linked only to dates in the TOTAL
set. If you want datetimepickers that work with anything, don't use bound

The user input controls should be bound to the TOTAL set, not the detail
set. Tip: leave the Datafield nil and use ParamName instead.

All this assumes you ARE using ib_queries, not iboqueries. The ib_
controls don't work with iboqueries.