Subject Re: IB_Query - wrong ID assigned
Author malyv2
> A bug somewhere in your application. :-))
> Check your code and your timings to make sure you are not
> accidentally performing two inserts when you only want one.
> ...
> Don't place blanks at each side of the "=" symbol in ANY of IBO's
> stringlist properties.
> Helen

Yes, I had spaces in this stringlist. I removed them, but it still
doesn't work. I use NO code for that, only IB_UpdateBar.
1. push insert row, fill anything, I see assigned ID_VYKON in grey
field e.g.40.
2. push post changes, I still see 40
3. push refresh all records, I see 41
If I don't use FieldsReadOnly.Add('ID_VYKON=True') it works! So I
realy don't know, where in my application is the bug :-)