Subject Re: [IBO] modified TIB_Edit-how to return .text into field?
Author G. Nau
Problem solved.
Looks like I made a mistake during testing.
TIB_Edit is working with the .text property directly.


Am 21 May 2005 um 19:09 hat G. Nau geschrieben:

> I have a modified, derived TIB_Edit running, which is doing .text
> operations on user initiated function keys.
> It's fine, but I'm unable to return the .text back into the datafield
> linked to that control.
> In the Procedure DoExit I've tried:
> * field.asString:=Text;
> *Datasource.Dataset.FieldByName(datafield).AsString:=text;
> But both do not give the wanted effect. On leaving the field (focus to
> another control), the old value of the field is display in the control.
> I've tried to dig through the IBO sources, but I didn't make it to find
> out, who it has to be done?
> Can you give a short hint please?
> Regards
> Gunther