Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird and Interbase on the same machine
Author Jason Wharton
I've worked on this a fair amount and it is somewhat difficult but I have
not given up yet.
What really needs to happen is for someone to actually create a decent
client that knows how to communicate with the different servers. That's the
job of a client library...


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> Steve,
> >> how you would manage to load two different client libraries
> >> (gds32.dll for InterBase and fbclient.dll for Firebird) into one
> >> application...
> SH> In the Firebird data module I'd include the
> IB_FirebirdSession unit
> SH> you mentioned earlier and in the Interbase data module I wouldn't.
> SH> Assuming that the server engines are not running on the
> local box and
> SH> I'm using cpTCP_IP for a protocol, would a single
> application be able
> SH> to access both clients?
> you'd need provision in IBO for loading multiple client libraries at
> the same time. I once needed such a thing, so I did it and sent the
> patches to Jason (you were allowed to specify the client library at
> the TIB_Session level, AFAIR). It was enough for my needs but it was
> not production-ready because there were niggles with IB_Monitor &
> other stuff. It was about a year ago, but apparently Jason hasn't
> found the time to iron out those niggles yet. It is possible that they
> cannot be solved so you will never have this capability in IBO. I just
> don't know. I'll just add that I have been able to use fbclient 1.5
> and fbembed 1.5 to work successfully with anything from IB 5.6 to
> Firebird 1.5 in the past.
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