Subject Re: [IBO] Blobs not loaded in IBO application
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:10 PM 16/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Cheers everyone...
>I'm migrating an IBX application to IBO because i want to win more
>speed in my application and to have the greatest benefits of the IBO
>working, but i'm having a little problem with a BLOB field in my
>I have a blob field in one Table where i'm storing a picture, well in
>the IBX application the picture shows without problems... but in IBO
>the picture is not displayed, why??? are there any special
>configuration that must i setup to can work with BLOBS in IBO???
>i'm using TIBOQuery's as Dataset's, version 4.5.Ai and this is the
>only problem that i have right now with IBO...

Could it be something to do with an IBX blob method that you used before?

I've uploaded a simple demo using bitmap blobs with TIBOQuery:

File : /Demo Apps/
Uploaded by : helebor <helebor@...>
Description : Demo of TIBODataset displaying BMP blobs

You can access this file at the URL: