Subject Re: [IBO] Grid or list selection with only one column
Author Andreas Hesse
Use TIB_Grid.GridLinks to limit the shown columns.


Antti Kurenniemi wrote:
> Hiya.
> This is probably very simple, I just can't figure it out myself: I want to
> have a list of names in a list, and all detail edits on the same window
> linked to the list so that when the user clicks on the list the edits would
> be filled in. Real easy to do with all columns, with a Query component and a
> Datasource component, except that if the query has many columns (or a very
> simple "select * from...), the list will show all columns as well.
> I've tried it with IB_Grid, IB_Listbox and IB_Lookuplist, but can't figure
> out how to force just the columns I want to be shown. Or, do I need to have
> separate queries or datasources, or something? I can hack it by making one
> query to fill the list, and then a second query to fill all the edits when
> the selection in the list changes, but somehow I feel that there is probably
> an easier way...
> Oh, and btw: I couldn't get anything to display in the IB_Listbox, by just
> filling in the Datasource and DataField properties. Is there something else
> I need to do with it?
> Any information appreciated,
> Antti Kurenniemi