Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and SrollBar issues.
Author Christopher Hart
This is how IB_Objects Grids are designed. It makes the application
much more responsive to only bring in the records are immediately
needed. If you want to have all records ready for the Grid you will
need to do A FetchAll.

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Sorry to post this again, but could someone please let me know what I
may be doing incorrectly please.

Thank you


> > >1) When displaying a moderate to a large amount of information
> > >retrieved by a query, the IB_grid slider in the vertical scrollbar
> > >at first indicates that perhaps half the available rows are being
> > >displayed, even if only about 1% of the rows are actually being
> > >displayed. This is misleading. How can the scrollbar be made to
> > >give a more accurate graphical representation of the number of rows

> > >being displayed by the grid?
> > >
> > >2) When displaying a moderate to a large amount of information
> > >retrieved by a query, when scrolling down the IB_grid vertical
> > >scrollbar quickly shrinks and drops to (nearly) the bottom even
> > >though many rows remain to be displayed. Much of the downward
> > >vertical scrolling can then be done with no apparent visual change
> > >to the scrollbar and there is effectively no vertical movement to
> > >the scrollbar for most of the continued downward vertical
> > >This is misleading, and it makes it difficult to quickly scroll to
> > >the bottom or to rows in the latter portion of those retrieved.
> > >How can the scrollbar position be made to give a more accurate
> > >graphical representation of the position of the rows shown relative

> > >to the overall number of rows retrieved?
> > >
> >
> > The post mention that using last and first was a work-around.
> > However, when we try this work-around, we are not seen the required

> We are using BCB 5 and have the same issues and have set AutoFetchAll
> for all query(ies) to true?

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