Subject Re: [IBO] AV when switching to another app
Author Nando Dessena
Helen, Toby,
the usual corrections. ;-)

>>the embedded server isn't terribly thread-safe.

H> Revise that to "isn't thread-safe at all".

replace that with "fbembed is absolutely and completely thread-safe,
provided that any two threads don't share attachments". Just like SS.

H> That will change with Firebird
H> 2 and the replacement of the IPServer hack with a proper local protocol
H> built on the XNET subsystem.

Fbembed doesn't use the local IPServer protocol; thus Fb2 embedded
doesn't use XNET.

H> In short, if you need to multi-thread an app that connects locally, DON'T
H> user the current FbEmbedded

Do it! That's the fastest setup you can get. Orders of magnitude
faster than local TCP/IP, actually.

H> (or IPServer with the full server).

Yep. This you don't want to do.

Nando Dessena