Subject Re: Fields of type Currency !
Author Antonio Carlos Nunes Junior
> Well, just a trick.
> First, define a constrain in the database for that field to make it
> accept only positive numbers. Remember that a good design is one
> makes the database enforce the business roules, so whatever client
> will enter data will not be able to instert uncorrect data into the
> database.

Yes, it was implemented in the database domain.

> Second, you can use the native component TIB_Currency. This
> makes a better handling of the monatary values, but still lets you
> enter negative ones. To avoid it you can intercept the "-" in the
> OnKeyPress (or OnKeyDown?) event and skipt that caracter (key :=
> (btw, you can use the same code event for ALL your controls that
> to skip the negative sigh).

Yes, I used that solution and works, I need is valid the value in
the input.

Thanks for help.

Antonio Carlos.