Subject Re: [IBO] DatabaseName cannot be blank?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:50 PM 5/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:

> > Set the IB_Connection property of the TIBOQuery to your
>IB_Connection. IBO
> > should then do all the necessary things and make sure that the query is
> > linked to the right database.
> >
>Setting the DefaultTransaction had no effect. The only thing I've
>changed with respect to the data module is that I've added a 2nd
>TIB_Connection object to connect to a 2nd database. Both
>TIB_Connections share the same TIB_Transaction object (IB_Connection
>and IB_Connection1). The TIBOQuery that I'm having trouble with is
>connected to the first/original TIB_Connection and no changes were
>made to this. The 2nd TIB_Connection is used by other query objects
>in another data module. Since the program fails on the first
>TIBOQuery it tries to open, I don't know if queries in that other data
>module would work or not. If I comment out the 1st query, the next in
>line fails with the same error.

What is the failing IBOQuery's IB_Transaction setting? Since your
transaction is being shared by two connections, everyone's transactions
should be explicitly set; otherwise the query will try to create its own
default transaction and it's possible it has no database to relate it to.

How about putting the datamodule into text mode and copy/pasting the
relevant objects to the list? That is - connections, transaction[s] and
the failing query.