Subject Re: [IBO] How to get TIB_Transaction from IBOTable object?
Author Robert Osowiecki
Helen Borrie wrote:

>>Have you actually tried that? In C++ Builder IB_Transaction returns NULL
>>default transaction is used...
>That is quite likely, since the default transaction is created when it is
>needed and simply may not be available at the time you refer to it.
>If you are using TIBODatabase, there is one transaction built in and you
>refer to it through properrties of the IBODatabase object.
That's what I'm doing now: I refer to MyDatabase->IB_Transaction.

>Also set the IB_Connection property of your IBOTable - then IBO will take
>care of the DatabaseName property, and you will not get the situation where
>the TIBOTable creates its own internal transaction.
I'm not sure that I understand everything... what if DatabaseName is set
and IB_Connection not?
Then IBO looks for correspodning IB_Connection or IBODatabase component
and uses its default
transaction, does't it? I wonder if there is some "GetDatabaseByName"
function in IBO: It would be
a great help for me if I could locate the transaction starting from
TIBOTable object.

Thanks a lot!