Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestions Please
Author Woody (TMW)
From: "Matt Nielsen" <mnielsen@...>
> I have an application that needs to prevent a user from performing an
> action until all other users are out of a specific table. I can think
> of several ways to accomplish this but not of which is resistant to
> abnormal database disconnects. I would appreciate any suggestions.
> Example:
> User A, B, C are entering payroll numbers for the month.
> User D processes those number, but as a failsafe the system needs to
> make sure that users A, B, C are not still entering numbers into the
> table that User D is going to process. I don't want to prevent users
> A, B, C from entering number but I want to tell user D that they are
> still doing so.

If you use snapshot transaction mode, user D would only be working with the
information that is already currently in the database. It wouldn't matter
what the other users are doing as user D would have a consistent view of the
data at that point in time, regardless.

Woody (TMW)