Subject Re: [IBO] BufferFieldByName & Co.
Author Eyal
Jason Wharton wrote:

>> 3. If not, is there any other way to make the update pass
>> through to the dataset (so data aware controls will see it),
>> but still without triggering a server update?
> Please clarify what you mean here. I'm not clear on what
> benefit you are looking for.

Jason -

Thanks and you're right that it's better if I explain what I'm trying
to achieve rather than shoot (questions) in the dark.

Here is the main problem:

I need to display a running total in a grid. So far I couldn't find
any way to read the rows into a dataset, then calculate the running
total and store it in a field that, so the grid can display the
running total column like any other column.

I thought that the buffer methods can serve as a back door to change
the dataset without triggering the overhead of dataset validations
and/or server SQL.

A lesser problem:

I need to let the user select rows in the grid and display some
statistics for the selected rows (the stats are "live" as the user
selects and de-selects rows). So I try something like this:
- DisableControls.
- Save the current active row.
- Iterate the active row over the selected (bookmarked) rows.
- Restore the active row.
- EnableControls.

However the grid that I use (EhLib) detects the change of the active
row and re-adjusts the grid so the active row is in the center. This
is very distrubing visually.

I hoped that the buffer methods can access the selected rows without
disturbing the "official" active row of the dataset, and so I can
avoid the visual disturbance.

Any ideas?