Subject RE: [IBO] FieldsDisplayFormat - user defined function possible?
Author Jason Wharton
Are you talking about some kind of a globalized event that allows you to
massage the values in a centralized snippet of code?

I don't have anything like that but I think there is potential merit to it.

It would be fairly easy to implement something like this. Perhaps you could
even get in under the hood and plug it in yourself.

It could be something like an OnInitializeColumn event at the TIB_Connection
level that is called by the TIB_Column class once it is freshly instantiated
so that your snippet of code could examine it and customize its settings.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] FieldsDisplayFormat - user defined function possible?
> Hi,
> I'd like to define my own functions in my delphi application
> to format
> fields for display. Standard editmask is not sufficient for my needs.
> Any chance to define that on IB_Connection/domain level?
> Then automatically all displays in IB_grid, IB_Label, IB_Edit
> et cetera
> should show the processed data.
> Gunther