Subject Re: XP and ButtonStyle
Author Rick Roen
Thanks Rade,

I found your comments in IB_Controls.
To allow for other button images with XP Themes enabled, I changed
the code to skip XP Themes and draw normally when an image is
assigned to the button.

Let me know if you figure something out. I tried to use the
ThemeServices.DrawIcon and got nothing but a blank button with no


> Hi Rick,
> It's not related to OS. I made those changes for theme support and
> it's made so if buttonstyle is Ellipsis then it shows button like
> other speedbutton else it shows dropdown button from windows
> I will take a look at the changes i made and if i'm able to make it
> work for the other cases i'll send changes to Jason. On the other
> if you have a full version with source code you can find those
> in IB_Controls.pas commented with //RV.
> Rade.